Deborah Randall Consulting

Presentations on Telehealth Topics

Deborah Randall is an experienced speaker and educator. She has presented about telehealth, health information technology and related issues at conferences and seminars for national and regional organizations including, among others, the following:

A selection of Ms. Randall's presentation material is available below to download in PowerPoint format.
Please note that slides may differ slightly in organization and content from the final presented versions.

Telehealth: Practical Considerations for Diabetes Educators Today - American Assoc. of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting (2016)

Hot Topics in Hospice and Home Health - AHLA Annual Meeting (2013)

Telehealth: Strategic and Legal Issues for Community-Based Delivery - AgeTech California (2012)

Telemedicine and Telehealth - Compliance Challenges - HCCA (2012)

Telehealth: Opportunities and Challenges for Home-Based Delivery - Ohio Council for Homecare and Hospice (2012)

How to Avoid ADD in Your Telemonitoring Program - NAHC Annual Meeting (2011)

The Promise and Evidence of Telehospice Interventions for Improving Communication and Clinical Outcomes - NHPCO (2011)

Telehealth and Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation (2011)

Benefits and Liability of Health IT for Homecare and Hospice - AHLA Long Term Care and the Law (2010)

Remote Monitoring and Home-Based Telehealth - Realities and Challenges - NAHC Annual Meeting (2010)

Telehospice - Innovations in Our Hospice Mission - Suncoast Institute Webinar (2010)

Telehealth and Remote Monitoring - Legal and Policy Issues - ATA Annual Meeting (2009)

Telehealth for Hospice and Palliative Care - Realities and Challenges

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