Deborah Randall Consulting

Telehealth Consulting Services

Deborah Randall educates her clients about current and developing uses of telehealth and health information technology, and provides strategic advice to health providers about implementing and enhancing telehealth programs within their particular care settings.


    Ms. Randall consults with health care entities such as hospital systems, home health agencies, home care and long-term care providers, nursing homes, hospices, and other community-based providers.

    She is knowledgeable about strategies for advancing telehealth in the community setting, which requires additional, and sometimes different, strategies and patient-centered collaborations than health system internal networks.

Services and Skills

    Explore innovative opportunities for telehealth and provide overview of funding resources and health information technology grants.

    Educate and support to increase understanding of the current regulatory, reimbursement, and operational requirements for establishing and enhancing a telehealth program.

    Evaluate and assist in identifying partners for aligning telehealth, joining a regional health information network (RHIO), subcontracting for care coordination and other programs using telehealth and remote monitoring.

    Assist client efforts in creating research models for outcomes measurements of telehealth programs, and strategic positioning for funding for telehealth efforts.

    Identify contacts within governmental departments and private industry to assist in ramping up telehealth activities.

    Assist client efforts in obtaining licensure for and identifying liability issues in telehealth enterprises.

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